Showcase Debbie Smiles


Floris Bates & the Rented Friends

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The main showcase of Debbie Smiles Artist Management was, as you can see in the picture, a concert at the cosy venue ACU in the centre of Utrecht. One of the bands that they managed during the Rookie period, and will continue on doing, is Black Wednesdays.

They played as a support act for Floris Bates & the Rented Friends. In terms of promotion, paid Facebook posts were used, as well as a specially designed poster which cartoons the band members; Jane, Patchelly, Eric, Andrew and Floris Bates. Nevertheless, the gig became more certain only two weeks in advance of the actual date what gave the artist management-team a short time for intensive promotion.

At the concert, they sold merchandise of the bands! Afterwards, a rise of likes was recognizable on their Facebook pages. In addition, they handed out a limited number of printed posters at the show to improve the long-term promotion for the bands. The venue was decently visited and the people enjoyed the shows of both bands. Overall, it was a very nice evening.